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1976 Cadillac El Dorado for Caddypartz

This emblem is hard to photo.





2001 Ford  F150  color is gray.   This is for mntakronoh












1992 Buick Roadmaster

On the Roadmaster emblem you are looking for the large outer ring measuring 2 3/8". The other Buick emblems measure 2". The 2 locating tabs, facing front and back. There is 2 different RM emblems, one for the Sedan and the other for the Wagon. The difference being the angle of the hood.




1978 Lincoln Continental

Nice chrome, the Continentals have the wide center blade, (See photo 3) and the 3 pins on the bottom. You need to check for the 3 holes on the radiator shell. Most Continentals have 2 pins at the back of the base. Town Cars have the 2 pins at the front of the base.




1977 Cadillac Seville

I thought this was better than it is. I think with a good polishing it will shine nicely. For the Seville you need to look at the top of the round base. The inside and out side round bases should almost be the same size. See photo 2. Not much you can do about the crest fading.