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Emblem Repairing

Basic Disassembly - Re-chroming - Rough plastic surface

We recommend that you check with your chrome shop before disassembling your emblems. This can be an very expensive.

Simple Disassembly: You don't have to bend the J wires and it is best not to do that. Just pry the spring open slightly at the bottom / end with a small screw driver where the J wires are. Then turn the spring like a screw. the whole thing will come a part. You will end up with 4 pieces, the emblem, the base , the J wire and the spring. To re-assemble just reverse what you did. Very simple.

Insert screw driver into bottom of the spring

The 4 pieces

 Re-chroming: First off I would recommend that you do not pull the acrylic emblem apart. The acrylic can be easily damaged. On some emblems there is like a very thin foil under the acrylic that is the logo that you see... When old this is very fragile...... With that said.... The emblem and the base can be easily taken apart and thease re-chromed. Just a Note: We do not repair any of our emblems. We sell them as we find them.

1. Assembled emblem.

2. Removing emblem from base

Pry the end of the spring open and turn the spring like a screw. The J shaped wires will travel up the spring and disassemble.

3. Disassembled

4 pieces, the emblem, the spring, the base and the J wire.

4. Cooking 250 degrees for 10 minutes.

I used a piece of aluminum foil to hold the emblem vertical. In case the plastic softened, I didn't want the acrylic to touch anything.

5. Emblem acrylic is now disassembled.

I used a small screwdriver to pry the acrylic apart. An Exacto knife would have been better. You can see the paint has flaked off. Possibly cooking longer may have soften the adhesive more.

6. The black backing has flaked off.

The cracking is from before the cooking. This emblem is 25 years old and was not in good condition. This emblem probably could be repainted and reassembled using one of the 3M products. We do not do this to any of our items. We sell them as we find them.


  Emblems with a rough clouded surface.


It's not as bad as it looks... you need some 250, 600, 1000 sandpaper. A sanding block and some water. Also a Headlight Lens polishing kit gives a nice finished emblem.

250 Sanding

With a rough plastic surface, start with the 250 paper in the sanding block and carefully flat sand the surface of the plastic. Sand until it is flat, it sands easily so go slow. Don't damage the chrome.

Wet Sanding

Once it is flat, put the 600 paper in the block, wet the paper and again sand carefully. You are polishing at this time. Change to the 1000 paper and wet sand. The plastic should be smooth and clear.

Headlight kit

You can also use the headlight polishing kit to finish instead of the 1000 paper.

Almost Done

A little touch up and this will be done. Big difference in only 10 minutes.